Amplified Intelligence

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"Humans with Amplified Intelligence are better than AI"

What we do
Amplified Intelligence

Crediwatch provides amplified intelligence for business and enterprises. Using proven computational techniques like machine learning, NLP and visualisation we derive insights from distributed and unstructured data sources to help businesses and organisations make fast and smart decisions.

How we do it

In particular, Crediwatch is working with leading financial institutions to help bridge the financing gap. Traditional Credit does not work in an emerging market which has resulted in a 380 billion dollar financing gap. Our technologies are unlocking billions of dollars of purchasing power in small and medium businesses.

Crediwatch uses a proprietary technology platform to help financial institutions tap into the explosive growth of digital alternative data to make better decisions. Crediwatch is currently offering lead generation, credit risk assessment, early monitoring, KYC and media alert services to leading financial institutions.


      Meghna d27367eeefed1825c37649cfe6e5876e8b353eeae5a736e2c1d0f4d356cb6d28

Meghna Suryakumar

Founder & CEO

      Sandeep 4d04af9681cb96acf56195828b15c21ba3e4f8d20d84d6855e91a00eb87c8ead

Sandeep Anandampillai

Founder & CPO

Somak Ghosh


Vijay Kumar Jatia


Hemanth GC

Senior Product Manager

Rohan Pannalkar

Principal UX Designer



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